2017 National Meeting

2017 National Meeting

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The FLC national meeting is one of the most anticipated annual events in the technology transfer community that offers both training and networking opportunities designed to facilitate attendees’ commercialization endeavors. This year's national meeting will be held in San Antonio, Texas, April 25 – April 27, 2017 at the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade . The meeting will center on our nation’s continued focus to move federal research and development from out of the lab and into the marketplace by strengthening relationships with the private sector.

The educational training sessions, experiential panels, and networking opportunities offered at the national meeting are a culmination of the FLC’s steadfast efforts to promote, educate, and facilitate technology transfer for the more than 300 federal laboratories, research centers and parent agencies that encompass its diverse network. The knowledge gained from this year’s national meeting will help technology transfer professionals to improve upon their laboratory’s technology marketing strategies, as well as initiate the building of interagency and industry partnerships that can advance our nation’s commercialization success.
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Technology Transfer for Beginners

Technology Transfer for Beginners: New technology transfer professionals T2 newbies, start here!

Intellectual Property for Technology Transfer Professionals

This course examines the patent process and other forms of intellectual property (IP) protection in the context of federal technology transfer.

CRADA Workshop

CRADAs are one of tech transfer’s most important mechanisms, so understanding them is crucial for most federal T2 professionals. This course is our one-stop shop for everything CRADAs! With seasoned experts and a bevy of examples, you’ll learn all about the CRADA and how it works.

Licensing and Negotiation Workshop

Through real-world advice and hands-on practice, this interactive workshop examines the elements of an effective license and provides an overview of how to successfully negotiate a license agreement—whether you’re dealing with a government-owned and government-operated (GOGO) or government-owned and contractor-operated (GOCO) lab.

Creating a Culture for Commercialization

Technology commercialization is not a program, an office, or an activity. It thrives when it's woven into the fabric of your organization. This workshop will explore three key dimensions to create a culture for commercialization.

Strategic T2-Engaging the External Ecosystem

Learn to identify and understand your external innovation ecosystem! In this advanced class, the goal is to help you engage and leverage the activities and resources outside the lab for increased technology transfer that benefits both your lab and the economy.

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