External Training Programs

External Training Programs

This External Training Programs list provides an extensive list of additional T2 training programs that are available through other organizations working in T2. Programs are available for anyone from seasoned T2 professionals to newcomers in the field, and are taught by many of the same instructors and speakers featured in our training courses and webinars.

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AUTM Training

A curriculum of coursework in technology transfer, as well as educational manuals and literature.. AUTM membership is a requirement for most courses and content.

Technology transfer training opportunities

Tailored training programs to improve productivity and effectiveness in taking innovations farther geared towards tech transfer/business development professional staff, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

IP learning programs

Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year - in Geneva and worldwide - to share knowledge about the use of intellectual property.

WIPO Academy

General and specialized courses on IP for different target audiences: inventors and creators, business managers and IP professionals, policy makers and government officials of IP institutions, diplomats, students and teachers of IP, and civil society.

OTT Training

Self-paced educational material that provides a guide to technology transfer as practiced by the ARS. Primarily downloadable slide presentations and reading material.

School of Systems and Logistics

Various courses on management of lab science and technology at the Air Force Research Lab. Courses designated with the "LAB" prefix and are restricted to Department of Defense employees.

Training and Professional Development

Courses and events for hands-on learning and sharing of expertise in tech transfer and R&D collaborations in various locations worldwide. Classes can also be commissioned for in-house delivery.

Certified Licensing Professional (CLP)

Credential awarded to professionals who have demonstrated their experience and proficiency in the licensing and commercialization of intellectual property. Participants earn this certification through an examination, which they prepare for using a blend of coursework, educational materials, and work experience.

Advanced Studies in Technology Transfer

15-credit (typically 2 year) curriculum designed to help working professionals and postgraduate fellows gain expertise and experience in technology transfer. Classes regulary held in evenings in either FAES’s Academic Center or on the NIH campuses in Bethesda and Rockville, MD.

Technology Innovation Training

Training for innovation professionals in the public and private sector, with a global focus. Options include customized and specialist courses, secondment programs at Oxford, capacity building programs, and entrepreneurship training. Courses primarily offered at Oxford.

Commercialization Training

Professional enrichment programs in technology commercialization and startup formation, customized for groups of 4-20 people. Coursework includes seminars on tech transfer; visits to university T2 offices, incubators, and Proof of Concept Centers; and networking events.

T2 University

NASA enters into partnerships with universities to administer this program, which educates business students at those universities on business models and using federal technology. Participants create market assessments and business plans, with NASA's high-tech patent portfolio and NASA scientists and innovators.

Certified Research Developer Program

Designation designed to teach the scientific and engineering communities how to better focus their research on initiatives that have the greatest promise of becoming value-added commercial endeavors.

Distance Learning

Catalog of courses on full range of technology transfer topics ranging from bechmarks and royalty rates to intellectual property.

Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Technology Commercialization

This curriculum is designed to give professionals the tools necessary to turn technologies and innovations into value propositions, from a customer's perspective.

Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP)

Certification that recognizes technology transfer career credentials, knowledge, skills, roles, and accomplishments. To earn the RTTP, applicants must be a member of a participating organization and demonstrate their expertise through a combination of approved coursework, experience and accomplisments.

IC² Institute

Advanced degree programs in technology commercialization, customized training programs for entrepreneurs and T2 professionals, and strategic higher education partnerships.

Certification by WKI

In-depth training in WKI methodology for launching pre-incubation and commercialization programs. Program includes ideation tools and frameworks, coaching sessions, and materials and coaching aids.

Federal Technology Transfer and CRADAs

Instructor-led course focusing on the use of CRADAs and PLAs, presented through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and workshops. Provides an overview of technology transfer and its applications, covers the legislative history and the mechanisms of technology transfer.

LES Education

Education programs on intellectual property and licensing issues for all experience levels. Courses are a key component of earning and maintaining a CLP.

Technology transfer training programs

Customized training programs targeted for Universities, SMEs or government agencies in selected market sectors to broaden thinking about strategic growth, innovation infrastructure, and IP management.

Executive Training Program

Annual program includes a Business Development Fundamentals course and an Advanced Business Development course.

Intellectual Property & Commercialization Training Modules

A series of video learning modules designed to introduce researchers to the T2 process.

Technology Transfer Continuous Learning Modules

E-learning modules for T2 topics. Modules are self-paced, but include an exam and must be completed within 60 days of commencement. Targeted to specific DOD and federal government groups, but others may request to audit.

CRADA Handbook

Reference book that serves as a guide for CRADA practice and policies at Navy labs.


E-learning course that provides job training for technology transfer practice at the Navy.

Tech-Based Economic Development Education

SSTI provides resources that help T2 practitioners enhance their effectiveness and impact. SSTI is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving initiatives that support prosperity through science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

NIH Technology Transfer Training

Presentation on tech transfer practices at the NIH, including patenting, major T2 mechanisms, and ethics concerns. The NIH requires this training for all of its Principal Investigators, fellows, graduate students, and staff scientists/staff clinicians.

AIPLA Learning Center

Educational programming and content related to intellectual property law, including meetings and seminars, literature, and live and on-demand online learning options. Much of the programming and content can be used to satisfy CLE requirements.

WIPO GREEN Licensing Checklist

Downloadable checklist that serves as a general overview of key issues to consider when negotiating license agreements. The checklist is a draft and is geared toward general license agreements, rather than specific to federal technology transfer.

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