Executive Board

Executive Board

As the FLC’s governing body, the Executive Board determines policy and direction and establishes the annual budget. The FLC Executive Board is responsible for carrying out the organization’s mandated mission to promote, educate, and facilitate federal technology transfer.

Paul Zielinski

Executive Board Chair

Phone: 301-975-4980
mark reeves

Mark Reeves, Ph.D.

Vice-Chair, Planning & Policy Committee Chair

Phone: 865-576-2577
Theresa Baus

Theresa Baus, Ph.D.

Financial Officer

Phone: 401-832-8728

Marianne Lynch

Recording Secretary

Dept. of Energy
Phone: 202-586-3815

Courtney Silverthorn, Ph.D.

Host Agency Representative

Phone: 301-975-4189
Ric Trotta

Ric Trotta

National Advisory Council Chair

Phone: 631-424-3700
Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart

Far West Regional Coordinator

Phone: 951-393-4518

Brooke Pyne

Midwest Regional Coordinator

Phone: 812-854-4823

Valerie Larkin

Northeast Regional Coordinator

Phone: 401-832-8720
Jack James

Jack James

Mid-Continent Regional Coordinator

Phone: 281-244-9097

Robert Griesbach, Ph.D.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Phone: 301-504-6905
Jeremy Benton

Jeremy Benton

Southeast Regional Coordinator

Phone: 865-241-5981

Amanda Horansky-McKinney


Phone: 202-767-1644

John Dement


Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) - Crane Division
Phone: 812-854-4164

Linda Burger


National Security Agency (NSA)
Phone: 443-634-3518
Cathy Cohn

Cathy Cohn


Phone: 301-504-4523

Janeya Griffin


Phone: 661-276-5743
Derek Parks

Derek Parks


Phone: 301-628-1010

Donna Bialozor

Awards Committee Chair

Phone: 301-624-1272
Sara Baragona Langdon

Sara Langdon

Communications Committee Co-Chair

Phone: 301-619-4591
Al Jordan

Al Jordan

Communications Committee Co-Chair

Phone: 256-544-6532

Sarah Bauer

Education & Training Committee Chair

Phone: 202-564-3267
James Kasischke

James Kasischke, JD

Legal Issues Committee Chair

Phone: 401-832-4230
Kathleen Mcdonald

Kathleen McDonald

Program Committee Chair

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
Phone: 505-667-5844

Kathleen Graham

State & Local Government Committee Chair

Phone: 303-312-6137
Aaron Sauers

Aaron Sauers, CLP

LaBS Committee Chair

Phone: (630) 840-4432

Gary Jones

Washington, DC Liaison

Phone: 240-444-1383
Mojdeh Bahar

Mojdeh Bahar

Past FLC Chair

Phone: 301-504-6905

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