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Technology Locator

For industry and other technology seekers, the FLC Locator Network serves as a point of entry to federal laboratory expertise and technology. In meeting this need, the network also handles requests from organizations working with the private sector.

Through its network of representatives, the FLC puts a potential partner in contact with a federal laboratory with expertise and capability in a specific area of interest. Once the FLC identifies the contact, the arrangements for the technical exchange are between the user and the laboratory.

The network does best when the user makes the request as specific as possible and identifies considerations such as technical need, constraints, and intended use.

A central FLC Technology Locator helps the network match user technical requests for expertise and facilities with appropriate federal laboratory capabilities.

The FLC Technology Locator supports the network by:

  • Identifying laboratory technical resources that can respond to specific requests
  • Providing referrals to other federal resources

The unique network structure of the FLC, the person-to-person technical linkages, and the central FLC Locator are vital factors in linking user needs to a federal laboratory person with a special expertise or capability.

To submit a request, please complete the Technology Locator Request Form .


Contact Information

Frank Koos
Phone: (856) 667-7727 Your Gateway to U.S. Federal Science
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