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Ohio Water Science Center

Laboratory Information:

Ohio Water Science Center
6480 Doubletree Ave.
Columbus, OH 43229-1111
Phone: 614-430-7700
Fax: 614-430-7777
Agency/Department: Dept. of Interior
Region: Midwest

Background/History of the Laboratory:

Water-resource activities of the Ohio Water Science Center are conducted Statewide from two offices by a highly trained staff that consists of more than 60 hydrologists, geologists, engineers, biologists, physical scientists, hydrologic technicians, and a variety of support personnel. Activities include maintenance and analysis of long- term quantitative and qualitative data for streams, reservoirs, and ground water; and shorter-term interpretative investigations of specific water-resource issues, such as: ground-water contamination, availability, and protection; pathogen and fecal-indicator contamination and transport in surface water and ground water; analysis of floods and flood potential; and ground-water supply and movement.