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Indiana Water Science Center

Laboratory Information:

Indiana Water Science Center
5957 Lakeside Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46278-1996
Phone: 317-290-3333
Fax: 317-290-3313
Agency/Department: Dept. of Interior
Region: Midwest

Background/History of the Laboratory:

The USGS maintains streamflow data (discharge and gage height) for nearly 180 sites on Indiana streams and rivers. We also maintain water-level data at about 80 lakes and over 90 ground-water observation wells. Therefore, much of the data we provide to people are tables of daily mean discharges, peak flow tables, tables of lake levels, and tables of ground-water levels. We also provide water-quality data for various locations in Indiana. In addition, the Indiana USGS has produced hundreds of publications that report the findings of many types of water-resources investigations, and the information in those reports is made available. The scientists on staff often help people who are looking for information related to the geology of Indiana and the quality of selected streams or aquifers.

The USGS Indiana Office provides water-resources data to home owners, students, teachers, consultants, and people who work for local, county, state, and federal agencies.

Mission of the Laboratory:

The USGS conducts scientific studies, maintains certain data bases, and carries out various types of analyses on the data. Our goal is to provide the objective data that citizens and agencies require to make knowledgeable decisions.