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Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center

Laboratory Information:

Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center
2630 Fanta Reed Road
La Crosse, WI 54603
Phone: 608-783-6451
Fax: 608-783-6066
Agency/Department: Dept. of Interior
Region: Midwest

Background/History of the Laboratory:

In 1959, the Fish Control Laboratory was established in La Crosse, Wisconsin in an old fish hatchery facility. Its mission was to investigate and develop chemical agents for the control of undesirable freshwater fish. In 1968, the laboratory was renamed the National Fisheries Research Center - La Crosse. Its mission was expanded to include research into the control of sea lamprey in the Great lakes and the development of chemicals for public aquaculture.

In 1994, as a result of the reorganization of the research components of the Department of the Interior, the Center was renamed the Upper Mississippi Science Center. This Center was formed by merging the National Fisheries Research Center-La Crosse with the La Crosse field station of the Pautuxent Wildlife Research Center.  In 1999, the Environmental Management Technical Center, which managed the Long Term Resource Monitoring Program, and the Upper Mississippi Science Center were merged to form the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC).

Mission of the Laboratory:

The majority of our ecological research is conducted in support of Department of the Interior issues and lands in the Upper Midwest. UMESC links its research closely with other USGS science centers to broadly address ecological and population concerns throughout the Nation’s heartland.

Primary Research Focus:
  • Mississippi River Basin
  • Great Lakes Basin
Research Theme Focus:
  • River Ecology
  • Restoration of Degraded Habitats
  • Declining Species
  • Invasive Species