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T2 Education & Training

Technology Transfer Education & Training

The FLC is committed to providing technology transfer professionals, researchers, and members of industry with the tools and services needed to further professional development. Below are several FLC resources to meet this goal.


Introduction to Technology Transfer

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You can download an accessible version of the course here.

If you are brand-new to the field, this 30-minute interactive course is your starting point to navigating the basic concepts of federal technology transfer. It will explain:

  • What federal T2 is
  • Its purpose
  • How T2 works
  • The FLC and its role in T2

This free course is offered on demand for your convenience and serves as a prerequisite for the T2 Fundamentals course offered at our annual training event.

Please be prepared to spend about 30 minutes on the course.

Tech Transfer Legislative Timeline


Click here to check out our latest interactive addition. This interactive timeline shows and describes major legislation related to federal technology transfer.


White Paper: Federal Laboratory Designations

White Paper: Federal Laboratory Designations

This white paper describes the basic differences and similarities among federal laboratory designations, namely government-owned [...] pdf

White Paper: Basic Understanding of Intellectual Property

White Paper: Basic Understanding of Intellectual Property

This white paper provides general information for a better understanding of the various aspects of intellectual [...] pdf

Tech Transfer

Federal Technology Transfer Legislation Policy

Federal Technology Transfer Legislation and Policy, more commonly known as "The Green Book," provides [...] pdf kindle epub

Tech Reference

FLC Technology Transfer Desk Reference

The FLC Technology Transfer Desk Reference provides a comprehensive introduction to technology transfer and the background, [...] pdf kindle epub


FLC Technology Transfer Training DVD Set

The FLC has created this 11-DVD, 3-CD set containing 14 video courses covering a variety of technology transfer topics [...]


Additional Resources

t2 mechanisms

Federal Technology Transfer Mechanisms Database/Matrix

The Technology Transfer Mechanism Database identifies a wide variety of mechanisms, the agencies that use them, and links to agency websites where information about each agency's use of the mechanism and samples of mechanisms can be found.