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Awards Archive - 1994

Awards for Excellence in Technology Transfer

Agricultural Research Service
Roy V. Baker, Gary L. Barker, Alan D. Brashears, J. Weldon Laird
For the transfer of improved harvesting and ginning technology to the cotton industry.

Forest Service
Dan W. McKenzie
Provided expertise, initiative and creative approaches beyond current knowledge to develop more effective firefighting systems and delivery of wildland fire foam technology.

National Institute of Standards & Technology
R. Bruce Madigan, Timonthy P. Quinn, Thomas A. Siewert
For the transfer of new weld quality sensing technology to the U.W. welding industry.
H. Thomas Yolken
For the transfer of metal powder atomization technology to industrial producers, resulting in significant gains in productivity.

Air Force Wright Laboratory
Dave Kennison, Richard Rio, William A. Troha
Transferred gas turbine vibration diagnostic and balancing technology into a portable world class production unit competitively sold internationally.
James C. Malas
For outstanding technical leadership and initiative in transferring materials and processing technology to the aluminum extrusion industry.

Air Force Phillips Laboratory
Robert K. Rathge, Laverne A. Schile
Developed and transferred an innovative laser system to industry for material processing.

Army Missile Command
Lois Aymett
For successful contribution to the federal technology transfer program by initiating a virtual reality consortium in Huntsville, Alabama.

Naval Surface Warfare Center
Richard A. Morris, Charles L. Null, Dale P. Rome
For the development and transfer of the Progammable Automated Welding System (PAWS), a highly modular automated arc welding control technology.

Ames Laboratory
David C. Jiles
For transferring a new magnetic inspection system to the transportation and public utility industries.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alexander Pines
For conceptions, transfer to industry, and implementation-in-place of double rotation solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance probes, which will benefit numerous industries with high resolution analytical instrumentation.
Michael J. Siminovitch, Chin Zhang
Developed and transferred the lighting fixture manufacturers of the technology base for convective venting systems to increase the efficiency of compact fluorescent downlight fixtures.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Daniel C. Thompson
Transferred technology in machine tools for cutting, milling and shaping with high precision accuracy for commercial applications.Transferred technology in machine tools for cutting, milling and shaping with high precision accuracy for commercial applications.
Paul G. Curtis, Alfred Goldberg, Richard Landingham, Donald Lesuer, G. Stephen Root, Michael J. Strum
Transferred technology of superplastic steel research into production-scale demonstrations that improve the environment by eliminating the need to recycle machined waste.
Daniel M. Makowiecki
Transferred a new magnetron ceramic sputtering source for vacuum coating processes important to integrated circuits and computer memory disks.
Bruce E. Engelmann, Robert G. Whirley
Transferred technology of the DYNA3D structural analysis code through new insights into material behavior for simulation of dynamic manufacturing processes and aircraft safely.

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Donald J. Rej
Negotiated a CRADA between Los Alamos National Laboratory and General Motors, resulting in the large-scale demonstration of an advanced, environmentally conscious manufacturing technology.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
James Diebold, Helena Li Chum, Ralph Overend
Developed and transferred the technology of the ablative pyrolysis reastor.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richard D. Smith, Harold R. Udseth
Leveraged their expertise to ensure that their breakthrough mass spectrometer interface reached manufacturers and research swiftly, opening new doors to scientific investigation.
James C. Barnard, Dennis L. Elliott, Gene L. Gower, Victor R. Morris, Marc N. Schwartz, Larry L. Wendell
For developing, integrating, and transferring new and accurate windpower databases and technologies, now used by U.S. industry to assist enterprises worldwide.
Richard J. Littlefield
For developing fast, adaptive communications software for PNL and transferring it to a major commercial vendor of massively parallel supercomputers, thus serving national computing needs.

Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center
Richard P. Killmeyer, Carl P. Maronde
Developed and licensed the Micro0Mag Process for cleaner coals.

Sandia National Laboratories
Robert J. Eagan
Established the Advanced Materials and Processes for Economic Development Alliance to provide effective technology transfer to small businesses in electronics and manufacturing.

Goddard Space Flight Center
Martha R. Szczur
For conceiving, developing and implementing the "Transportable Applications Environment Plus" and for promoting its transfer to the private sector.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jack Jones
For exceptional creativity and initiative in the transfer of sorption heating and cooling technology in industry.

Lewis Research Center
John P. Gyekenyesi, Lesley A Janosik, Noel N. Nemeth, Lynn M. Powers, Johathan A. Salem
For outstanding achievement in development and transfer of the CARES software product line, and outstanding service to the wide spectrum of CARES customers.
Kul Bhasin, Joseph D. Warner
For outstanding achievement in development and transfer of high temperature superconducting thin film technology for application in microwave communications systems electronics.